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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is enterprise software that helps a business to keep track of the sales cycle. This cycle spans from the early incoming sales leads all the way through the closure of deals, and beyond, to upselling and account retension. For example, running marketing campaign creates new sales leads which then go to the company website. The web form sends sales leads directly to the CRM. CRM, E-commerce, and ERP are structurally similar. They all use enterprise applications connected to a database to provide an Enterprise Computing solution. Enterprise computing is where all the users or the main users of the organization use one large unified piece of software. So, enterprise software is in contrast to visualizing siloed apps that do NOT share information readily with other parts of the business. ERP is useful for improving business operations and accounting. ERP helps a business to automate their processes. Those processes are often isolated with disconnected data silos. In addition, web integration bring unification to the discrete data silos. This, in turn, creates a unified view of the business.


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