mobile tablet


Mobile is the next-generation “front end” or customer touching technology after web applications. Popular today is the “Mobile First” strategy, a next step beyond the responsive design that tried to balance the web and mobile experiences.  Instead of equal parity, Mobile First means designing for mobile as the top priority. Core benefits include: it can be used to extend the web or enterprise platform (mobile resource management) , it can increase user engagement, it can grow the brand.  

Next Generation Mobile include  Special new products, a branch of mobile development, and the next generation computing devices.  These include: 

  1. Wearables – (like smartwatch apps, Smart Jacket) 
  2. AR/VR – next Generation of mobile / wearables 
  3. Connected Car / In-Vechicle mobile GPS + Internet with apps 
  4. IOT – Internet of Things devices 
  5. Mobile Embedded Video / Digital TV / SmartTV apps
  6. Digital Signage (DS) / Kiosks   
    1. Kiosks systems, often Tablet-based Kiosk system 
    2. Digital Signage, basically a version of the Smart TV with media player for marketing or interaction 


GIS GPS MAP mobile app
GIS GPS MAP mobile app, from Archanics