The improvements in computer graphic resolution are a key element helping to propel the growth of digital marketing. It is in fact creating the impetus for a marketing revolution. We are seeing a move from 2k, to 4k to even 8k resolution coming soon. Even the continued move from 1k or 1.6k to full 2k is a big deal. 1k is about 1,000 pixels across about a iPad or Tablet. 2k is a wide screen monitor of 2,000 pixels across. 4k would be the new large 4000 pixel wide monitors and UHD TVs.

This allows for more realistic experience, where are more life-like, very high quality images are rendered.

It also it getting to to or past the tipping point: where better, and larger images and graphics are rendered on computer than would be typical in print media. So we are at or soon past the point where digital is more efficient, cheaper, and more focused marketing than traditional print media. Perhaps this is the reason that some experts predict 2019 will be the year that digital ad spend will outpace traditional media and in the following years digital ad spend will grow much faster that non-digital.

(Ref eMarketer forecast in TechCrunch article)

Are you using tradition or advanced digital marketing strategies?

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